A successful career is not about just rising up the ranks. Our co-workers’ share the multi-directional progressions of their careers.  

"I had the opportunity to start with Chiropractic First when there was just a few clinics. They have provided plenty of opportunities to improve my patient management skills and adjusting skills. The company is ready and willing to help you build the practice and help you succeed. My family and I have enjoyed the opportunity to live and work in Southeast Asia. I am thankful that the Chiropractic First gave me the opportunity to spread chiropractic to the great people of Singapore and Malaysia."
- Dr Bryan Hymas, Chiropractor
"I came to SE Asia fresh out of school and ready to set the world on fire. I had the passion, but I did not have the skills needed to succeed, which can only be learned through the actual practice of chiropractic. I have to thank Dr Kan, Chiropractic First and the staff immensely for the opportunities and level of success that I have enjoyed in my young career. Dr Kan has been like a father figure to me through the ups and downs in the early stages of practice. 
The marketing/communications and support team here has been nothing short of extraordinary. There are few other places in the world where you can solely focus your energy on just practicing chiropractic while teams of people are there to help assist you in the operations, training, and marketing. I remember arriving in Singapore with nothing but a vision, compassion for serving people, and 50 USD in my pocket. Chiropractic First has helped me tremendously on my journey of personal growth, they have helped me bring the vision that I once saw, into fruition. For that, I will always be thankful."
- Dr Matthew Horkey, Chiropractor
“I love to build. I wanted to work for a company that has potential to grow. I started as a Marketing Manager and Chiropractic First gave me the opportunity to validate my marketing expertise. With Dr Kan’s support, I was challenged to apply my capabilities into clinic operations. I am grateful to be given the opportunity to evolve, step into bigger roles and reach major milestone in life. I have had a completely fulfilling career at Chiropractic First.” 
- Vivien, Marketing & Operations
“Working at Chiropractic First has been a great opportunity to engage with a diverse range of people from varying backgrounds. I feel my people skills improving beyond measure and I am more confident in dealing with difficult scenarios, thanks to ongoing training and collaboration with the Disney Corporation and WSQ.
Chiropractic First has provided me a challenging environment that encourages personal growth and I look forward coming to work every day to make a difference in people’s lives.”
- Filzah, Patient Care
“The company started me on developing one business line and within two years, gave me the opportunity to expand the entire group’s business across multiple countries. This is exactly the path I wanted for my career.
Chiropractic First recognized my aspirations and unhesitatingly provided me the support to move ahead and do the things I want to do. I am constantly getting chances to be involved with different work – different topics, different people, different geographical and market focus, which keeps my job refreshing and challenging. And this keeps me going.”
- Lindtz, Business Development