Embarking on Your Career

  • What is the application process?

    To apply as a Chiropractor, please submit a detailed CV and a full-length photo at careers.chiropractic-first.org/chiropractors. You will receive a response within 1 week of your application.

    There are two stages in the interview process. You will first meet with our Senior Doctor and a second interview session will be scheduled with our CEO, Dr Matt Kan.
    You may have the option, or we may request you to make arrangement to fly to Singapore for a face to face interview which includes a technical interview in a clinic.

  • Can I choose the country that I want to work in?

    The choice of country will be discussed during the skype interview and you may indicate your preferred choice.

    The market potential, clinic demographic, patient base and new clinic opportunities are also taken into consideration when assigning our Doctors to the respective country and clinics.

    We require all our Doctors to be flexible and willing to seize the opportunity. Special skills and/or restrictions will be taken into consideration as well.

  • What is the potential of each country and clinic?

    We are strategic in selecting countries and clinic locations. Constant marketing resources are also dedicated to each clinic to ensure constant high-volume patient visits.

  • What is the working language in Singapore, Malaysia, China?

    The working language is English in Singapore and Malaysia while the working language is Mandarin in China. The Clinic Assistants will assist as translators for Doctors assigned to China.

  • What is the remuneration structure for doctors / chiropractic associate?

    You will receive a training allowance during the training period. Thereafter, you will be paid a gross commission or a minimum gross fee whichever is higher.

  • What is the duration of the contract?

    The contract is for a period of 3 years and will be open for renewal depending on your performance.

  • What is the next step when I am shortlisted as a Chiropractor?

    You will be presented with a term sheet which is a summary of the contract and you will have 5 days to revert on your acceptance.
    You should be ready to commence the Chiropractic Management program in Singapore that includes classroom training, clinic and mastery immersion and marketing.

  • How do I apply for a work visa, what are the paper work involved and how long will it take to get the visa approved?

    We will assist you with your work visa application and will require your passport, school transcript, certificates and chiropractic licenses. It may take 1-3 months for the work visa to be approved, depending on the country you are assigned to.

  • Can my family relocate with me?

    Yes, we will also assist and advice you on your family’s relocation. Upon completion of your work visa, we will submit your family’s relocation application form. The application form will be subjected to approval and will take 1-3 months. The estimated lead time for your family relocation is between 3-6 months.

Your Chiropractor Journey

  • What is the duration of the Chiropractic Management Program?

    Upon commencing your practice, you will undergo a Chiropractic Management Program in Singapore conducted by our CEO, Dr Matt Kan and the Training Academy Team.
    The Chiropractic Management Program will span between 30-60 days depending on your experience and how fast you are able to demonstrate the competencies required.

  • What will be covered in the Chiropractic Management Program?

    This comprehensive and structured program comprises of 23 intensive modules covering topics such as marketing platforms, clinic flow, getting referrals, professionalism, case-care correlation, adjustment techniques etc. Video resources are also available for self- learning and to advance your understanding of each topic.

  • What are the working days and hours & dress code?

  • Will I be provided with training allowance and accommodation during the Chiropractic Management Program?

    You will be provided with a training allowance and a shared accommodation is also provided in the company rented apartment.

  • How much money should I prepare to cover my expenses during the Chiropractic Management program?

    You should have at least USD$3000-4000 saved to cover your expenses during the Chiropractic Management Program and your initial relocation cost.

  • Will I have a mentor or buddy during the Chiropractic Management Program?

  • Will there be ongoing training provided?

  • How do I go about getting a place to live when I arrive at the country I am assigned to?

    We will provide a list of real estate agents whom you can contact to discuss your housing requirements, arrange for viewing and contracting of lease.