FAQ - PCA/Manager

Pre- Employment 
How long does it take for CF to get back to me on the outcome of the application? 
You will know the outcome of your interview for the PCA/CM application within 1 week
Do I get to choose the clinic that I want to work in? 
The choice of country will be discussed between CF and yourself taking into consideration your home address and your preference, taking into consideration the vacancies and operational needs. 
How is the remuneration structure for Patient Care Ambassadors and Clinic Managers?
CF has a well-structured remuneration system which has clear salary range for each job grade. We will take into account your qualifications, service and healthcare industry work experience in our proposal of salary offer. 
What is the career progression for a Patient Care Ambassador?
The Patient Care Ambassador may progress vertically to a Senior Patient Care Ambassador and then a Clinic Manager or progress laterally to take on a more challenging role in one of our clinic in other countries or HQ.
What is the duration of the Bootcamp training? 
The PCA Bootcamp training is of 4 weeks duration and prepares you to perform the role of a PCA effectively. 
What will be covered in the Bootcamp training? 
It is a highly comprehensive 20 module programme with topics ranging on marketing platforms, new patient examination, professionalism, interacting with patients, X-rays, Spine and Nervous System facilitated by our Bootcamp trainers and our CEO, Dr Matt Kan. We have videos resources to assist you to do self- learning and advance your understanding of each topic. 
What is the dress code for the Bootcamp training and working in the clinic? 
All employees are required to be in office attire during training and working in the clinic.
Will there be continuous training after Bootcamp training?
The company believes in the investing of resources to ensure that the PCAs can improve their performance at work and realise their fullest potential. There is to weekly training conducted by our DC trainer or appointed external training providers
What are the working days and hours in Bootcamp training and clinic?
The Bootcamp training is intensive and follows the clinic hours. 
Will I have a mentor or buddy during Bootcamp training? 
The CF Academy Manager will be the key liaison person during Bootcamp training.