Free Health Talks and Workshops

Aside from ensuring the best care to our patients, it is also our main priority to raise awareness on a drug-free and surgery-free method to achieve optimal health.

We believe in educating the public on the importance of spinal health and treating spinal conditions such as neck and back pain. Through our Free Health Talks, you will have a better understanding of your body, its ability to heal, the origin of pain and symptoms, and how to resolve them without drugs or surgery. These services can be offered to your staff; during a lunch break; part of a company's health check-up for employees or wellness day event.
  • Corporate Health Talks
  • Corporate Health Programme
  • Educational Health Workshop for Public
What Happens At Our Health Talks?
Spinal Screening
Using the highest quality research and clinical-grade instrumentation for the purpose of detecting and correcting vertebral subluxation, participants’ level of muscle tension on the neck and lower back areas will be examined with the Surface Electromyography (sEMG) Tests.
health screening exercisemyovision screening muscle tensiondr jill lutz analyzing
Our speakers deliver engaging Health Topics. Participants will have a better understanding of the body, its innate ability to heal, the origin of pain and symptoms and how to resolve them without drugs and surgery.
corporate health speakerhealth talks at ubscorporate health talks
Posture Evaluation
All participants will receive an individual spinal evaluation by our Doctors from Australia, USA and New Zealand. We will also make recommendations on changes in lifestyle, office ergonomics, diet and behavior to achieve optimal health.

Corporate Health Talk from Chiropractic First on Vimeo.

Over the years, a large number of organisations from Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and Shanghai have benefited from our educational Health Talks and spinal scans. If you like to learn more about effective drug-free solutions to your pain, register now or call us at +65 6355 2355.
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