Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain and spinal problems are one of the most common physical ailments. While taking pain-killers or muscle relaxants may provide relief for your back pain, it is only a temporary solution and does not fix the root of your problem. The medication often treats the symptoms, not the problem, so your pain comes back after the medication has worn off.

On average, about 80 per cent of people will experience back pain at some point in their lives but slightly more men suffer from it than women. Backache also occurs among young people aged between 16 and 24, although it is most common among people in their middle age.1
The Drug-free Approach to Lower Back Pain
Studies have shown that chiropractic care for lower back pain provides faster and more conclusive results and is more cost effective than other health disciplines.
I have been a Marine Engineer for the past 30 years and have a very long history of lower back pain. I have been to many doctors around the world to treat it but it has not been treated successfully.
At times I would need to stay in bed for a few days because of the excruciating pain. Even small movements such as coughing and sneezing will cause pain to my back.

Recently, when I was on leave, I chanced upon a promotion from Chiropractic First at Raffles Place and decided to give a try. Although I have received Chiropractic Care for only slightly more than a month, results show that there is a great improvement after each session. I feel more comfortable and my movements are no longer restricted.

I would strongly recommend chiropractic care to those who are suffering from lower back pain.
-Teo Chin Poly, Marine Engineer
Chiropractic Care and Lower Back Pain
Chiropractic care is more effective than hospital outpatient management, mainly for patients with chronic or severe back pain. The benefit of chiropractic care became more evident throughout the follow up period. Secondary outcome measures also showed that chiropractic was more beneficial.”2
There are now in excess of 60 scientific studies which demonstrate the value of adjustment, and that it is the most effective and cost-effective form of treatment for dysfunctional problems in the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spines.
For patients with acute low back symptoms without radiculopathy, the scientific evidence suggests spinal adjustment is effective in reducing pain and perhaps speeding recovery within the first month of symptoms.
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