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Why Chiropractic For Kids

Regular checks and Chiropractic care supports your child’s development of their spine naturally by restoring the nerve system function and strengthen their immune system.

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Does An Adjustment Hurt

Are you putting off seeing a chiropractor for your neck and back pain, headaches or migraines because you’re unsure? Adjustments by well-trained chiropractors will not hurt and is really effective.

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How does Chiropractic Work

The nervous system controls and coordinates every organ and cell in the human body. Our spine and nervous system must function at its best all the time to achieve maximum potential.

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Spinal Decompression Therapy

Using the most advanced US technology, Spinal Decompression Therapy is a painless, non-surgical therapy aimed at relieving back pain and other problems associated with spinal disc injuries.

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Hear From Others

With the care of Dr Bill, my aching neck pain is gone after following the treatment schedule by Chiropractic First clinic. I always look forward to every visit to loosen up my stiff back and neck. Thank you Dr Bill for always patiently explain what Subluxation is and how important it is for everyone to start caring their spine. I would urge everyone not to wait until you are in extreme pain to see a chiropractor because you will be losing the precious time to get your spine more
Fantastic service, and focused on fixing problems. Extremely happy with the team at centerpoint!
I would definitely recommend Chiropractic First BU Centerpoint as Dr. Melissa has been very professional and very helpful with my injury that I always look forward for my next appointment.
Prior to the discovery of Chiropractic First Group, I have been to many lymphatic massage, acupuncture as well as other bone setting centre to cure my back and shoulder pain that doesn't seem to go away. I decided to check out Chiropractic First Group at Bandar Utama, where Dr Lina explained my xray findings thoroughly (true enough the cause of my back and shoulder pain is due to the slight misalignment of my back) and she recommended I took the package of which I did. I am now in good hands of Dr Lina, she sees me 3x weekly. I hope and pray that once I am half way through the treatment, I could see improvement - lesser back pain. One of the immediate improvements that I've seen is how my menses have been in order for the last 2 months. After meeting Dr Lina, it finally made me realise how long I have been neglecting self care towards my body. Thank you Dr Lina, you're indeed God sent ♡read more

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