Chiropractic Restores Man's Arm Strength

Mr Lim (not his real name) had been fighting with constant neck / upper back tightness and frequent numbness in his right arm which resulted in him losing strength in his biceps and triceps. His condition was so severe that it affected his work and personal life badly. Take a look at Mr Lim’s before and after x-rays. With the help of Dr Bryan and his team at Parkway Parade clinic, his cervical spine showed significant improvements. He no longer feels numbness in his right arm and the tightness at his neck / upper back has also reduced tremendously.
Case 2

Loss of Normal Neck Curve = Overall Unhappiness

Sharp low back pain, frequent migraines, limited flexibility and poor posture caused great disturbance to Mr Zhang’s life.
The before x-ray shows a loss of the normal cervical curve (left) and after corrective phase of care at the United Square clinic (right).
He now no longer has any symptoms, experience better quality of life is excited to kick start his Marathon training.
Loss of Normal Neck Curve = Overall Unhappiness