Embarking on your career

Embarking on Your Career

  1. Submit detailed CV and a full-length photo to
  2. Receive Skype interview appointment, FAQ and Get-to-Know-You questionnaire
  3. Complete Get-to-Know-You questions and submit before the interview
  4. Attend Skype interview with Senior Doctor
  5. Receive notice of interview outcome
  6. Receive term sheet of offer
  7. Accept term sheet of offer
  8. Submit documents for employment pass application
  9. Make travel arrangements (if any)
  10. Commence bootcamp training
  11. Discuss and confirm service contract
  12. Start practice

The choice of country will be discussed during the interview stage and candidate may indicate his/her preferred choice. The market potential, clinic demographic, patient base and new clinic opportunities are also taken into consideration when assigning you to respective country and clinic. We require all our Doctors to be flexible and willing to seize the opportunity. Special skills and/or restrictions will be taken into consideration as well.
Due diligence studies are conducted on each country and clinic location. Marketing resources are also dedicated to each clinic to ensure constant high-volume patient visits.
The working language is English in Singapore and Malaysia while the working language is Mandarin in China. However, the Clinic Assistants will assist as translators for Doctors assigned to China.
You will receive a training allowance during the training period. Thereafter, you will be paid a gross commission or a minimum gross fee whichever is higher, based on the services you rendered every month.
You will be presented with a termsheet which is a summary of the contract and you will have 5 days to revert on your acceptance. Recruitment officer will arrange a video call with successful applicant to go through the termsheet and to clarify all questions. You should be ready to commence the Bootcamp training that includes classroom or online training, clinic immersion and marketing event.
The contract is for a period of 3 years and will be open for renewal depending on your performance.
The company will assist you with your work visa application and will require applicant’s passport, school transcript, certificates, and valid chiropractic licenses. It may take 1-3 months for the work visa to be approved, depending on the country of deployment.
At the initial phase of settling into a new country, it is advisable that you focus on the Bootcamp training and ensure you assimilate into the country of deployment and settle down before you relocate your family members to join you.
Chiropractor Journey with CFG
Before commencing your practice, you will undergo Bootcamp training conducted through a hybrid mode (online or face-to-face in Singapore) by our CEO and the Training Academy Team. The Bootcamp training will span between 30-60 days depending on your experience and how fast you are able to demonstrate the competencies required.
This comprehensive and structured program comprises of 23 intensive modules covering topics ranging from marketing platforms, clinic flow, getting referrals, professionalism, case-care correlation and adjustment techniques. Video resources are also available to assist you to do self-learning and to advance your understanding of each topic.
The Bootcamp training is intensive and follows the clinic hours.
All Doctors are required to be in office attire during Bootcamp training and immersion in the clinic.
You will be provided with a training allowance for your daily expenses and a shared accommodation in the company rented apartment.
You should have at least USD$3000-$4000 saved to cover your expenses during Bootcamp training and your initial relocation cost.
Our CF Academy Manager will be the key liaison person and mentor during Bootcamp training.
During the Bootcamp training, you will be supported by the CF Academy and is required to report to the Academy Manager. Upon commence of practice, all Doctors will report to the Chief Executive Officer.
All our Patient Care staffs are also required to undergo a Bootcamp training comprises of 20 modules on communication, clinic procedures, professionalism and are competent to support you in your practice.
The company believes in investing resources to ensure that you continuously improve your performance and realise your fullest potential. Upon commencement of practice, there will be weekly training and coaching sessions for you.
Accommodation on a sharing basis will only be provided by the company during Bootcamp training. After which, prior to commencement of practice, you will arrange your own accommodation.
We will provide you a list of real estate agents whom you can contact to discuss your housing requirements, arrange for viewing and contracting of lease. We will have a local manager to help you get around and settle down.
These countries are relatively safe especially so in Singapore, one of the safest countries in the world. Nevertheless, you should still take necessary precautions to avoid walking alone in deserted places and taking care of your valuables.


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