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Neck and back pain are the most common complaint amongst office workers. In a recent study, 73% out of 300 respondents reported experiencing pain on the neck, shoulders and lower back due to poor workplace ergonomics.

Since the year 2000, we have been committed to sharing knowledge and tips on achieving optimal health till this day, which is why all our health talks are done at no charge.

Virtual Health Talks

We are now bringing our chiropractors to you virtually due to the global pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus as many companies have adopted the practice of working from home.

Our health talks have provided many individuals and families with the knowledge to live life without pain. We have received many good reviews and feedback on our health talks. Watch how it is done.

Our Health Partners

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Regardless of working from home or in the office, it’s a proven fact that bad ergonomics is the number 1 cause of chronic neck and back pain, causing huge loss in productivity.  Thus, neck and back pain prevention is also one of the favourite health talk topics with our corporate clients.

This complimentary event includes:
✅  Personalised Posture Report
✅  Spinal Scans
✅  Health & Wellness Talk
✅  Fun & Engaging Activities
✅  Exclusive Corporate Rates

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