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Had headaches on a regular basis, which was treated with painkillers and/or aspirin every single time. Sleeping was also a problem as I would normally wake up to a stiff neck and shoulders, which would lead to headaches as well. However, after suffering my worst migraine ever, I decided to give Chiropractic First a try after hearing a lot about it.Despite still being skeptical at first, the immediate treatment did relieve me of my regular headaches. Not only that, I no longer worry about sleeping and waking up to potential headaches due to my better posture during sleep, and being awake, especially sitting during prolonged periods, and carrying heavy items. And the best thing is, all this without relying heavily on medicine. Really appreciate what Dr Sandra has done. Cheers!
Ridhwan Radzi
Ridhwan Radzi
07:08 17 Nov 20
Met the Dr. about 2 months back had some serious back injuries due to golf. Initially skeptical about the treatment however proceeded to get consultation and do some research. Its a short session that can solve immediate problems. Saw an ortho in between that responded with pain killers mainly, the chiro treatment and adjustments assisted with my pains going away. Aside from the amazing service, explanations and even stretches recommended the treatment works and i have seen amazing improvement in both my golf swing as well as exercise activities. Highly recommended.
Mandeep Sandhu
Mandeep Sandhu
12:18 03 Nov 20
I have thoracic scoliosis, and had to visit Chiropractic First - 1MK after a workplace injury. The injury had left me with a misaligned shoulder blade, slightly rotated spine at my mid back, and misplaced ribs, which caused restriction to my shoulder's mobility and my breathing to feel restricted as well. After 5 sessions with Dr. Sharvin, she has already managed to restore my breathing and my shoulder is rotating as usual again. She was kind, patient and gentle (unlike other chiropractors who think brute force solves everything). You can trust her to go above and beyond when it comes to having your back. 10/10 would recommend 🙂
Thivakes Singam
Thivakes Singam
09:10 19 Jun 20
First I would like to thanks to dr Sharvin and the staff they are very friendly and passion .In my experience with chiropractic first , I fell that my lower back pain and my migraine that I suffer so many years is gone and my shoulder as well and relished that I have got better sleep . Thank a lot dr sharvin and the staff 🙏🙏
anis hidayah
anis hidayah
04:14 13 Jun 20
The entire staff was amazing- from the front desk to Dr. Sharvin.From the very first review to my X-Ray i could understand how much Dr. Sharvin is professional and I was spoken to in a manner that I could understand my problems very clearly (I’m not a doctor) my problem is quite complicated but I was given hope (which was soooo true) that I would feel better. It was almost a month so far with 2 to 3 sessions a week and yes i feel much better everyday - Thank you all for helping me and reducing my pain and a million thanks to Dr. Sharvin for being very professional, very friendly and very much caring 🙂
Alaa Osman
Alaa Osman
11:43 11 Jun 20
My experience in ChiroFirst was amazing! I had lumbar scoliosis coupled with slipped disc in L5S1, which gave me lower back pain, shoulder and joints tightness, subluxation of the spine as well, not to mentioned, poor posture.After only 3 visits, I noticed significant improvement in my posture, and I realised that my pain was not as severe. This motivated me to continue my treatment, and now my pain is a thing of the past.Dr Sharvin at 1MontKiara is amazing especially in terms of easing me with the wide array of treatment and her explanation of my treatment plan is very clear. Definitely a place to go if you have back / shoulder problems.
raja iswara
raja iswara
07:32 06 Jun 20
I have had a round shoulder with grinding sound on my shoulders. Due to discomfort, I had to constantly crack my own neck. Now thanks to Dr Sharvin at 1 Mont Kiara, I feel much comfortable with no self cracking needed.
Yoongeon Eom
Yoongeon Eom
04:36 04 Jun 20
I received professional and in depth consultation and advice from Dr Sharvin of Chiropractic First, at 1 Mont Kiara. My condition improved noticeably after about 2 weeks of treatments. Highly recommended to those with unknown and chronic pain in the body.
Serene Leong
Serene Leong
06:59 22 Jan 20
I am a bodybuilder who has been weightlifting for 10 years now, and was experiencing some sharp neck pain. After seeing several orthopedic doctors who suggested surgery, I decided to see a chiropractor instead. Dr.Sharvin and her staff were very professional and approachable. She takes her time to get to know her patients, instead of rushing for time and staring at computer screens. The X-rays before and after my treatment with Dr.Sharvin has shown major improvement. Im really glad I don’t have to undergo surgery at all. Definitely deserves a 5 star rating!!
Jenar Thanan
Jenar Thanan
11:13 03 Jan 20
Very thorough with their consultation..Took the time to educate their patients on spinal health & general wellness

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