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I was having migraines and neck pain since I was in high school. I've had lots of massages and even saw several doctors who couldn't determine the cause. With the help of medicine, I'll usually get some relived, but it's always temporary. After a few visits to Chiropractic First @ Centrepoint BU, I noticed my daily pain and stiffness were greatly reduced. Now, I get to sleep much better and have more energy throughout the day! Dr. Ng is very attentive and professional. (Pretty too!) She took the time to explain to me about my issues. Also, the receptionists are always friendly and helpful with the appointments. It's very encouraging to come here. Highly recommended!
Experienced lower back pain problem for the past 1 year. Started off my treatment with Dr Wong and feel much better after a few sessions of adjustment. Would definitely recommend Dr.Wong to anyone who face the same problem! Overall great experience!
Really can feel the difference after the treatment, the doctor here is very good and explain in details about my case. Will recommend to those who having same problems as mine. @chiropratic first centre point
Doctors Ng Care made me feel that I was in safe hands. ... “Felt that I got the best possible treatment and owe my life to the Doctor and Staff!
I came in with a pretty bad lower back condition and halfway through my treatment I'm really feeling the difference now. Dr Wong has been fantastic, always patient and attentive while the staff are also very efficient. Overall great experience
Experienced very bad feet pain problem for the past 3 years. Started off my treatment with Dr Melissa and the journey has been nothing but great! Everyone here gave their best in providing the best service and treatment. It was never a hassle to arrange or reschedule my appointments. Till this point, my pain has reduced significantly and I would definitely credit this to Dr Melissa’s professionalism and great techniques.
Friendly place .. cheerful & positive Dr.Ng is a great person both professionally & pretty My neck & back has improved since my treatment ....
I’m having my treatment at BUCC branch starts from March 2019 until now. Dr Ng is a very good doctor and my spine has been treated so well. I can feels myself are getting better.
When i started care with Dr Lina 1 month ago, i had extreme neck and shoulder pain. The pain was shooting down my arm. With her help my pain has been improved. She is gentle yet has such strong hands. She has helped healed me. I am so thankful to have met her 🙂
Even on my first visit, i can feel the difference. Will continue to visit for adjustment . Thank you dr Lina !
Being treated by Dr Lina, problems on shoulder pain and backache recovered. After consistent treatment, even though the pain recurred once a while, it was relieved quite fast unlike previous which would last for days and weeks. Great experience!
Bandar utama clinic.1. Dr and staff. Nice and Friendly2. Location. Good location. Easy to reach from shah alam. But dont come at 1pm or when there are school's activities as the clinic to close to it
Very good treatment with Dr Melisa from BUCC. There is an obvious result after few times of chiropractic treatment. Highly recommend.
After 3 months adjustment by Dr Ying Luo, shoulder and back pain is gone. So far no recurring pain on my shoulder and lower back. 👍
Pain was gone after visited the clinic for about 3 months. Dr. Ng Ying Luo help to fixed my neck, shoulder and lower back pain effectively. I am looking forward to solve my spine problem 😊
Done with second session with Dr Ying Luo . So far so good, will have to wait for more sessions to determine if it helps solves the back ache for good. Professional and good so far.
Dr. Ally and team at CF are very friendly and helpful which makes for a very comfortable environment. Dr. Ally is informative and patiently explains the issues and method of treatment as well as steps to maintain alignment. Her adjustments have helped reduce my back and neck pain tremendously. Definitely would recommend 10/10!
What makes me come back is Dr Ally, Eva and the other staff that's made me feel like I'm part of their family. I don't like the sound of bone cracking so I wasn't the biggest fan of this treatment. But after 6 months of treatment, I am almost addicted to the feeling of relief my bones and muscles get after adjustments. Definitely worth it. My only annoyance with the layout is that it's an open concept and I don't like seeing other people's adjustments.
Dr. Wong is friendly, patient & detail-oriented guy. After number of adjustments, I experienced no discomfort on my shoulders or hip, thus his adjustment is effective. Be discipline & follow the corrective exercises prescribed by him & you will achieve the result you WANT! Kudos mate! 👊🏻
Friendly staff and doctors that make the healing process all the more enjoyable. Had no knowledge on back adjustments but the doctors took the time to educate us and to formulate a proper healing plan for me. Now after a number of sessions, I’m starting to see the results. Definitely money well spent 👍
Nothing feel better than having my bones fixed here! The misalignment caused my shoulder, knees and back pain. Worst of all is migraine which you can't really treat with medication but doc here is excellent at their works and have helped so much in reducing the recurring of migraine episodes. The lady doc and front desk receptionists are the friendliest in the neighbourhood. Highly recommended ! =)
I known CF when Dr Ally came to my office for a talk. It's almost a month since I sign up the package & I already felt a positive vibes after attending 14th adjustment. I feel so welcome, both doctor and also the staff, they are really friendly! I would recommend to try out CF if you want to improve your health naturally 👍

This Clinic’s Doctors

Dr. Nur Fazlina Mohamad Razif

Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic (Hons) (MY)

Dr. Wong Ming Feng

M.Clin.Chiro (AUS)

Dr. Melissa Kioh

Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic (Hons) (MY)

Dr. Ng Ying Luo

Bachelor of Science in Chiropractic (Hons) (MY)

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