Dr. Bryan Hymas

“Taking care of your health and well being first,
is the best way to insure

you will be able to care for those you love.”
– Toni Sorenson

Certifications & Experiences

– Graduated with Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic (USA) and Bachelor of Science in Human Biology from Brigham Young University (USA)
– Has over 20 years of Chiropractic practice experience
– Owned and managed chiropractic clinics in Utah before relocating to Asia with his family
– Joined Chiropractic First Malaysia in 2000 and promoted to Senior Chiropractor in 2003
– Gained extensive experience in treating sports-related injuries through working closely with athletes of all ages including Singapore national swimmers and US Olympic swimmers
– Delivered health talks at major companies and associations in Singapore
– Proficient in various chiropractic techniques including: Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, Activator and MPI

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