Dr. Michael Bates

Masters in Chiropractic (UK)

My passion for chiropractic evolved through both my sporting activity and the long-standing drive to help others. Through my love of the outdoors and playing sport, I have always been interested in exercise and healthy eating. However, following a significant injury from a skiing accident, I came to realise there was something missing from my health equation. I could no longer perform to the best of my ability, and I would regularly experience episodes of pain. I could not understand why my body could not heal itself. I was told at 18 years old that I should stop playing sport and skiing.

Chiropractic allowed me to return to full contact sport and to ski better than ever! I felt fitter, faster and stronger. I experienced far fewer injuries, and if I did sustain an injury my body would heal itself in a much shorter time span. I realised that if an 18-year-old could be told to stop doing the things they loved at such a young age, imagine what people in their later years were being told. So, my drive became to help people of all ages to get to their best, and stay at their best for the rest of their lives.

In my spare time I try to ski as regularly as possible, and have recently taken up rock climbing. I also enjoy travelling and sampling different cultures from around the world.