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Monday8:30am – 2:00pm
4:00pm – 8:00pm
Tuesday3:00pm – 8:00pm
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I have been with Chiropractic First since 2013, when its outlet was in Raffles City before relocating to Plaza Singapura. Earlier doctors and currently Dr Stefan have been very conscientious with my adjustment : pain-free and it works, to relieve my back and knee pain. Dr Stefan is very re-assuring and professional in giving advice and consultation, and emphasizes on patients' education. After an intensive one year, I have since, been on a weekly schedule for maintenance which also improves my ENT (no more tinnitus and morning cold symptoms). I highly recommend this drug-free, pain-free effective and quick treatment.
Have been going to Chiropractic First for many years, initially to their Parkway branch and now to Plaza Singapura branch. I have been seeing Dr Stefan for more than 1 1/2 years, as a preventive measure for my slipped disc. He provides good care and professional adjustments, and he and his team are very friendly. They are flexible with my timings, as I sometimes need to reschedule due to work. Definitely recommended
I came to know Dr Stefan during a roadshow and got to know it is hard to differentiate whether the lower back pain or stiffness I have is due to bone, muscle or any other things because the spinal code is very close with those. I went for a preliminary check and found out that I am weak in some muscle movement. I was then recommended to do an x-ray on the spinal code to have a more effective chiropractic adjustment. The adjustments make me now more active in my sports, I resume running and Cycling. This is something I am very grateful.
I have weekly adjustment sessions at the Plaza Singapura clinic for my multiple slip-discs condition in my lower back and neck areas. It has kept me pain free for more than 2 years and allowed me to return to my exercises like jogging. Dr Stefan is knowledgeable and friendly and takes time to explain my condition and my treatment. Staff is friendly and helpful. I am keeping my visits to maintain my overall well-being
I'm very glad that I've decided to go for a chiropractor. Dr Stefan has been amazing and very assuring during all sessions. The staff there are always polite and very ready to help, very understanding even if I turn up late for adjustments at time. Experience has been great and my back aches are definitely a lot lesser than before
Went to Chiropractic First due to stiff lower back. After a few sessions I feel much better.Dr Stefan and his team are very friendly, professional and dedicated in their work. Dr Stefan takes time to patiently explain his assessment of my condition which I appreciate greatly. His team is also very supportive in answering queries and rescheduling my appointment due to work commitment.

This Clinic’s Doctors

Dr. Stefan Nilsson

Doctor of Chiropractic (U.K.)

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