I have had scoliosis for many years but in the recent years I have been having daily tension headaches, couldn't sleep or think well, lower backache and feels like I am leaning to one side when I walk. Being... only in my 30s, I knew I had to seek help as I do not want to suffer in old age.

I decided to try chiropractic as it is the most natural, painless and sustainable option. I chose Dr Bill as my chiropractor after reading many great reviews about him. True to the reviews, Dr Bill is very knowledgeable, friendly, encouraging, and has a very inspiring mindset on providing the best care for us to attain optimal health. In addition, Dr Bill gives very practical tips on spinal self-care at home. The staffs at Chiropractic First Hougang Mall are wonderful too!

After 3 months of chiropractic care, my tension headaches and lower backaches are gone, I feel more balanced when I walk, my mind is more alert, and I sleep like a baby now! I also realised that it helps with my sinus too. With all these positive effects, I am continuing my treatment with Dr Bill for another 6 months and am looking forward to some Before & After pictures. Till then, fantastic experience and thumbs up for Dr Bill !!!
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Good service. Thanks Dr Muliati (Aeon Shah Alam) for helping me. My back condition is getting so much better now.
Having spine, neck & shoulder pain for years until I get treatment from Dr. Nicholas at Chiropractic First, I'm able to seat longer & concentrate in work with no pain. Thank you, Chiropractic First.
I have been with Chiropractic First at Setia City Mall since year 2017 with under the care of Dr Chris. I have the scoliosis when I was born, I do understand that it may not 100% straight spine like normal... human being. But throughout the treatment and adjustment, it does help me in my daily life.

After few treatment, I can feel my spine. I can sleep well most of the nights, migraine reduced, improved my relationship activities with my spouse.

Recommended Chiropractic adjustment service to most of the people. Spine is just like car-tyre, need to maintenance. Imagine the spine need to support in our daily activities for so many years, sometimes indirectly go side way yet we never notice. Chiropractic will be helping to enhance based on personal situation. It does help!
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Used to have constant back pain and difficulty breathing but after just a few sessions with Dr Ng (Centrepoint branch) my condition has greatly improved
Great service and very friendly. Highly recommended. Thanks Dr Ng from Chiropractic First (Centre Point Branch).
Dr Zaqi Aiman from Chiropractic First Empire Subang did a good job with the treatment that I went through & friendly staff....thumbs up. 🙂
The staff Setia Alam branch are very friendly and Dr.Chris is giving good treatment and tips to maintain my recovery.
Doctor Ng from setia city mall is professional and I always feel good after d treatment .
Highly recommended! My mom was suppose to do an operation for her slip disc and kidney, but now no operation required since she seeks treatment with Dr Ng!
Very happy with the services provided by the team in ARC branch. The frontdesk is friendly and helpful. Same goes for Dr Ashley. My minor back issues are gone under her treatment. No doubt with more sessions,... the major back issues will lessen or hopefully gone.read more
With the care of Dr Bill, my aching neck pain is gone after following the treatment schedule by Chiropractic First clinic. I always look forward to every visit to loosen up my stiff back and neck. Thank you Dr... Bill for always patiently explain what Subluxation is and how important it is for everyone to start caring their spine. I would urge everyone not to wait until you are in extreme pain to see a chiropractor because you will be losing the precious time to get your spine adjusted.read more
Fantastic service, and focused on fixing problems. Extremely happy with the team at centerpoint!
I would definitely recommend Chiropractic First BU Centerpoint as Dr. Melissa has been very professional and very helpful with my injury that I always look forward for my next appointment.
Prior to the discovery of Chiropractic First Group, I have been to many lymphatic massage, acupuncture as well as other bone setting centre to cure my back and shoulder pain that doesn't seem to go away. I... decided to check out Chiropractic First Group at Bandar Utama, where Dr Lina explained my xray findings thoroughly (true enough the cause of my back and shoulder pain is due to the slight misalignment of my back) and she recommended I took the package of which I did. I am now in good hands of Dr Lina, she sees me 3x weekly. I hope and pray that once I am half way through the treatment, I could see improvement - lesser back pain. One of the immediate improvements that I've seen is how my menses have been in order for the last 2 months. After meeting Dr Lina, it finally made me realise how long I have been neglecting self care towards my body. Thank you Dr Lina, you're indeed God sent ♡read more
I’ve been going to Chiropractic First at Bandar Utama Centerpoint since the past 3 weeks. Very very responsive when it’s comes to whatsapp responding (5 stars!). Dr Lina’s explanations during the first... consultation was very clear and easily understood that I could explain/share with friends and family easily on chiropractic and our spine’s healthcare. Stayed in Shah Alam but prefers to come here after the first visit.read more
About 3 months adjustment by Dr Ying Luo, shoulder and back pain is gone. So far no recurring pain on my shoulder and lower back. 👍
Pain was gone after visited the clinic for about 3 months. Dr. Ng Ying Luo help to fixed my neck, shoulder and lower back pain effectively. I am looking forward to solve my spine problem 😊
Leeds Branch Review:

Firstly the Leeds practice has a very modern feel, its bright, welcoming and for someone like me who hates clinical environments, Chiropractic First is great.

You are... welcomed from the off by two superb client facilitators who manage the practise and reception facilities. They are always bright and cheerful and it is clear they enjoy the work they do which helps you feel right at home.

Dr Michael is extremely passionate and he obviously loves working within the field of Chiropractic Therapy. He strongly believes in the benefits of the therapy he provides which enables him to give exceptional levels of care with extreme attention to detail. Although he has IT systems to record client progress he makes the extra effort to know and understand the lifestyles and daily challenges of all of his patients.

So, if you are worried or sceptical about giving Chiropractic Therapy a go then Chiropractic First would be my recommendation!!!
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My baby has flat head on one side and Dr Jill has been very encouraging and gentle with helping with the issue. There are great improvements since and they always seems to have very happy conversation on her... visits!read more
Professional treatment , friendly staff, light and airy treatment area, informative workshops and good results.
My boy had been going to Dr Zach for his bad posture due to curve spine since last August. I could see improvement in him after a few months. Thanks.
I will recommend doctor Julia at Northpoint chiropractic first for helping with my migraines and now there is no reoccurrence for my migraines completely. The occurrence of the migraine before seeing doctor... Julia is daily but now happy to share that it is completely gone 🙂read more
Dr Steve at Thomson Plaze have a wonderful pair of hands that improved my overall health condition under his care for the past 2 years.
I am under Dr Steve R. Lewis care for more than 2 years. The treatment received has greatly improved my migraine which I have suffered for years. Dr Steve professionalism and friendly character is a person... whom you will always want to seek advice to improve your health.read more
I have been with chiropractic first for many years. Regular adjustments have been very helpful to alleviate pains and keep myself in the best state. I would highly recommend Dr Steve from Thomson Plaza!
About 1 year ago....I was sufferring from chronic lower back pain and i couldnt even walk properly....

The MRI Scan from the government clinic showed that i have a slipped disc and recommended me to go... for surgery....

I didnt want to go for surgery as it would mean that i will be out for action(work) for months...

So i opted to get chiropractic treatment for my slipped disc at the clinic in north point.

DR Zac handled my case and he help me get back into shape...he was patient and sincere...i always felt that im in good hands....

I have no regrets....the treatment is worth every penny...I can now enjoy a better quality of life...

Special Thanks To Dr Zac..
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I have been with Chiropractic First for the past 5 years. The attention and treatment you get from Dr. Kerry of One Raffles Place Branch is perfect! I would highly recommend for anyone with chronic back ache... or headache. Recommended my friends to CF and they equally praise the recovery they have received. Less medicine = Better Health!read more
I have been suffering from pain in the SI joint for years. After 3 weeks of treatment,I am now able to walk and sleep much better. Even my husband has noticed the improvement. Thank you Dr Bill!
Dr.kerry is amazing and very friendly staffs that makes you feel comfortable. Will definitely recommend this clinic to my friends
I went to Chiropractic First at Great World City after a friend recommended me as I was having frequent back pains at that time. Dr Todd put on a program which involve 3 visits a week and slowly cut down to... the current once a week. Now I really felt better and benefited a lot from the treatment. Thank you Dr Todd and his friendly staff!read more
Chiropractic in Setia Alam Team is good! Dr Chris and Dr Ng is educated and professional. Dr Chris is our family Doctor. He very nice, friendly. He given full guidance, advices, technic, skill for adjustable... the spine. This team Doctor or staff understanding and friendly. Our family feel very happy and appreciated to meet this team. Many Thanks Dr Chris and Dr Ng. 感恩!!!read more
With every adjustment, my pain and tension caused by my work and other activities, reduced drastically. After a month of regular adjustments, my dizziness and vertigo problem seems to be better. I tend to fall... sick less often than ever before. I appreciate the excellent service provided by Dr Annemarie, Rosi and Fidah. They made my visits comfortable and satisfying.read more
The treatment is good, there has been improvement on my spine.
Team is friendly and Dr Annemarie is always smiley, putting you at ease. Thank you for all the adjustments and good advices!
The team are Very helpful and friendly. Dr Annemarie is very professional and helps me a lot
I'm a stroke patient. I almost confirm an operation on my neck, but with treatment at Chiropractor First, I was discharged from hospital appointment list. A great thank to Dr William @Bukit Timah Branch for... his advice & treatment. I highly recommend chiropractic treatment to those having spine problem as it has helped me a great lot all these years after I have stroke & heart problem.read more
Thank you Dr Todd for reducing my stiff neck and backache. And also the friendly and helpful staffs Sandy and Amy. Wishing u guys at GWC branch a Happy New Year !!
A few months ago I visited Dr. Annmarie Stupi during one of my regular visits complaining about a headache that had been with me for the last 4 days. The local hospital said it was a sinus headache and they... prescribed medication for it. During the visit I mentioned the headache and within 4 minutes she realized it was just a migraine and not a sinus headache and after my adjustments the headache was gone.read more
Dr Anne Marie and the staff at United Square are warm and friendly. I feel good after every adjustment. My posture has improved since I started.
Dr Annamarie at United Square is professional and competent. She does her best to maintain the health of my spine despite my past injury. I have since recommended my friends to her.
Dr Annemarie, Rosie and all the staff at United Square feel like extended family because my whole family see them on a regular basis. Dr Annemarie knows exactly what adjustments every family member needs and... never fails to make us feel better from our aches and pain after each adjustment.read more
Dr Annemarie is an approachable doctor who is also very knowledgeable in her field. She did a comprehensive review on my case and recommended treatment plans that included adjustments and counseling sessions.... She also offered workshops and useful ergonomic tips in managing my condition. She is genuine with her advice and is always ready to answer all questions raised. Although I’ve only been under her care for the past 1 month, I hope to see improvements in my condition under her long term care.read more
the staff and Dr Todd are very friendly and provide excellent service. ever since I visited Chiropractor First, my backaches have been reduced greatly thanks to Dr Todd and his team
I feel much better after adjustment by Dr Todd. Friendly and helpful customer service team too. Thank you CFG - GWC team!
Chanced upon Great World City roadshow in August 2016 and have since been under the excellent care of Dr Todd and team. With the treatment, my sines, ear ringing and gastric reduced drastically and I have... better quality sleep. Thank you Dr Todd for making sure that I’m all lined up so that I can continue with my daily exercise routine and long distance run with good posture.read more
Been doing my adjustment for almost 2 years at Hougang Mall, initially my left hand got the tingling and numb feeling which than my brother introduce me to chiropractic first as he was there doing adjustment... too.
Through the assessment than I realize my neck c4 to c7 was in bad shape and my back was not align, after the 1st year adjustment my back was about 80% align and condition of my neck had improve. Overall my life style had improved, regularly I still visit Dr Evan for my adjustment to ease the tension.
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I’m under the regular care of Dr Todd & team at great world city since 2016. I have since have better back and posture, live pain free and am able to enjoy the sports I love. Thank you team!
I have been going to Dr Kerry at Chiropractic First (UOB) for more than 2 years now. I go to him for my back aches and my jaw alignment. Has been a great experience and feel good after seeing him!...

Pauline Low
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Dr Zach & Dr Julia provide excellent treatments to my spine and they really know what they are doing. I have less tension on my neck and lower back area as compared to before. Aside from that, Alyssa & Garie... provide excellent customer service! Highly Recommended! #northpointcityclinicread more
friendly staffs and experience doctor who give great advice to make me feel better... highly recommended
Going there for almost two years. It never fail to relieve my backpain issues which is there for years. Thank you Dr Todd and her team for the care!
Having my adjustment done at the United Square branch. You know that feeling when you've got your painful back released of stress from all the work and trips? Yeah! It's that awesome!... 👍👍👍read more
Have been getting my adjustments done for the past one year at Great World City branch and my condition have really improved a lot. Thanks Dr Todd and the team!
Personalised care. They have effectively corrected my posture. I get better sleep.
best chiropractic clinic in shah alam..
my condition is getting better..😊
Great customer service from the team in Great World City! Dr. Todd provide an excellent care and he explains the treatment in very simple and easy understand manners. I have benefited so much in my well-being... since I started my spine treatment from Dr. Todd months ago.read more
Before meeting Dr Julia Yup at Northpoint city branch, I am suffering from lower back pain, especially standing or seating too long. After a few sessions, the intensity and thr frequency of the pain reduced.... Dr Julia also recommend the type of pillow I should use, after using it, my sleep improved too. Thank you Dr juliaread more
I have been seeing Dr pratiqa and Dr melinda located aeon mall shah alam, for numbness and pain on my left shoulderblade, my back and both knee. Her treatments have given me much relief and I would highly... recommend seeing her for all chiropractic needs. She is an excellent doctor. She really cares about her patients and their health concerns.read more
Good job and well done to the staff and Dr Annemarie at United Square.
After Chiropractic treatment, my shoulder soreness & neck aching is relieved. My arm's numbness is also gone. The doctor is very professional and serious in treating every patients.

i have begun my chiropractice journey with Dr AnneMarie at the United Square Branch and she has been very nice, kind and patient to assess my condition and provide the necessary treatment required. The staff... at the clinic are also very helpful and ready to assist with your personal requests or admin matters. definitely a pleasure getting myself corrected in this clinic. Recommended 👍read more
A place to fix your spine issue and feeling fantastic after being treated here at United Square since April 2016
After my adjustments with Dr. Todd, I feel less tension in my lower back, as well as my shoulder/neck area. It really helped me in terms of mobility and better sessions in the gym.... 👍🏻👍🏻read more
Dr.Tod was a thorough professional and a great help in alleviating my back pain
I started going to Chiropractic First in May when I felt a tingling in my fingers due to a pinched nerve. Dr Todd put me on a program which involved three visits a week initially and now I’m down to once a... week and my nerve problem is gone. Dr Todd is always quick and precise with his adjustments and I’ve always felt better after each visit. The supporting staff at the clinic are always friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr Todd and his team for anyone who needs chiropractic adjustments.read more
The staff and service has been great since I started attending here... I’m feeling way better and would recommend to anyone who’s looking for this type of help:)
Keep up the great job 🙂
The frequency of my migraines has decreased a lot after getting adjusted. It has made exercise easier for me and I can go about my daily activities without worrying about getting a migraine!
United Square clinic has a great environment with very friendly staff, and Dr Annemarie is really skilled in her practice.
Best chiropractic clinic in Singapore!
Excellent Dr and helpful staffs.
My condition is getting better.
I cant live without Chiropractic treatment for all my works using PC and workout as well.
I have chronic neck and shoulder pain also often headache. Chiropratic first is the most professional and best way I... have ever found to improve my health condition significantly. Strongly recommend 3 doctors I have been met for last 4 years, Dr. Shane Kang, Bryan and Matt Kan.read more
Ever since my mother in law started doing Chiro the pain in her shoulder disappear as for me my posture improve definitely recommend.
Had very bad back pains after giving birth to my first baby and Dr Evan really helps me bring normalcy back to my life!:)
Dr. Jill has been treating my chronic back & neck pain for almost a year. Not only is my pain relieved every time I visit, but she is very good at explaining the mechanics of chiropractic and is quite... knowledgeable about general health and medicinal issues, hence I have learned many things to improve my overall well-being by being a patient there. I would recommend it to anyone who has issues with back pain especially if he/she knows it is coming from bad posture.read more
highly recommended! it helped me with my backache greatly!
Service is very good by the staffs over here. Dr. Evan is also a very good doctor. Thumbs up
I've been doing adjustments for several months already here and things have progressed for the better. Dr Bill shared the reasons behind the experiences that I've felt and made tweaks to my imbalance body... posture, which had given me back and neck pains for the past couple of years. Now i have lesser to none experience of pain. Kudos to Dr Bill and his team of friendly staffs for the great environment. Cheers! 👍🏼read more
Been doing this for more than 5 years, see it as a necessary part of my life now. Friendly environment helps alot with the weekly routine! Kudos to the team!
Really helped me to ease my backpain and headache.. Dr. Bill is very experienced and keeps on giving advices and knowledge. The staffs are very helpful and friendly. I’ve been to other clinic before and i can... compare that Dr. Bill is not in a hurry when doing my adjustment, he will go thru full cycle adjustment everytime 😊read more
Professional and nice doctors and team from hougang mall branch! Flexible system for your appointments and most importantly,it improved my sleep and stiff neck after 5 months of treatments!
Dr Lee from Parkway branch is very attentive, participates you in the treatment, and answers all queries patiently.
The chiropractic care by Dr William at Bukit Timah branch is highly recommended. My lower back, chronic shoulder ache and neck have improved tremendously after the treatments. Dr William and the staff are... professional and friendly too.read more
Dr William Tee at Bukit Timah Plaza has helped me stay healthy while continuing to lead an active lifestyle. It really does make a difference in reduce niggling tweaks and pains that comes with high volume... training while sitting all day for most of the day. Excellent service at the branch too!read more
My neck felt tight and heavy and I couldn’t turn my head fully to the sides. Thanks for the sheer professionalism of Dr. Bill easing my problem.
3 months into my Chiropactic journey & I’ve been so well taken care of every single time I’m back for my adjustment🌞 Overall health and well-being has improved & I’ll definitely recommend this care to... those who are looking to feel better!read more
I highly recommend chiropractic treatment to those who have spine problem, especially backache. Chiropractor First @Bukit Timah Plaza, Dr William becomes my family's doctor including my husband, daughter and... even baby grand daughter ❤️ After my treatment years ago, I can travel, walk a lot, sit for long especially on long flight and able to carry my grand daughter.read more
Dr William at bukit timah branch who does the chiropractic adjustment is good in his skills and is always friendly and patient. My brother goes to him for posture adjustment and we are seeing improvements over... time. Clinic staff are also efficient and friendly. Every visit there is always a very pleasant experience!read more
At Chiropractic First, I have been educated about how my bad sitting and sleeping posture can cause misalignment on my spine, interfering my nerves which disrupts information being sent from my brain towards... different parts of our body and vice versa.

It was through my first set of X-Rays that made me visualize and witness how bad my cervical spine looks. I have a forward neck which was probably caused by hours of being on my phone and computer. Due to the nerve interference in my neck, I experienced migraine attacks for 3-4 times a week for a period of 2-3 years. I had also suffered from chronic tailbone pain and lower-back pain.

Chiropractic care was my last option and I am glad to have found it, because it works! I am now on diligent maintenance care which keeps my body functioning at its best, all the time.

Kudos to the Hougang Mall Team. Thank you so much!
read more
I have been getting treated for 3 years. My sinus, frequent migraines and frequent fevers have lessened drastically. My upper back have always been tight and achy even after massages. Now i am more aware that... it was because of my poor structure that caused all the constant aches and pains. My posture is getting better and i can see i am hunching lesser. Thank you for the care.
Currently i am with Dr Bill in Hougang Mall. Thank you for maintaining my spine health
read more
had a low back problem and after a visit or 2, was feeling so much better
happy with my experience with Dr Bryan. Thank you very much for the relief with the pain in my lower back.
Lower back pain and numbness gone!
A lot of improvement in posture too!
Thank you Dr Julia! @Northpoint Chiropractic First Group
Thank you for making my sciatic pain manageable. I can sit through a movie without squirming now!
Patient and friendly doctors and staff at Forum. I have noticed improvement to my headaches and posture since I started to see Dr Shane for my adjustments. I have good days now, compared to the chronic pain... from before. Looking forward to better health!read more
I'm not doing this for the free adjustment but to share that Dr Julia from the Northpoint City branch together with her team is helpful. Do give it a try if you have any spinal issues👍
Dr Julia from Northpoint City Branch is the best! 😊
It has really helped me with my headaches and improved on sleep. Very understanding staff and doctors!
I was like dreaming everyday everytime everywhere for few years. After review by doctor, found that my spine was straightened therefore it gave pressure to my nerve. After undergo few adjustment, i realised i... 'come back' to real world. My back pain and its uncomfortable feeling reduced massively. Now i still continue with my adjustment for maintenance which allow me to continue my daily activities comfortably.read more
was suffering from headache and dizzyness but after Dr Evan assessed and gave treatment , the episodes have reduced significantly and i have more energy level as well. Am still undergoing treatment, hopefully... all the problems will go away eventually.read more
After seeking adjustment from Doc Julia at Northpoint branch, my stiff neck was gone. Curve spine improved and have better sleep.
Dr Bill and his team of front service staffs are helpful. Kudos to the team

My experience was great!:)
Was suffering with severe lower back and neck pain. Went for a review and the Chiropractor Dr. Bill made an accurate assessment of my predicament. Started treatment and attended adjustments religiously. Am so... much more mobile. Back pain has reduced significantly and now am able to participate in sporting activities again. Highly recommended.read more
bukit batok west mall chiropractic first 服务态度很好,治疗方法令人舒服多了,有改善.
Great adjustment by Dr Shane and awesome service by CFGWM staff!
Great adjustments by Dr Shane . My back always feel better after his adjustments
Chiropractic first really helped me in my lower back pain and allows me to be more active in my sports.
I would recommend everyone to CFG for chiropractic adjustments! Adjustments benefited me greatly!
I did not regret having a treatment at Chiropractic First.The Chiropractor Dr Shane at west mall is very professional in handling the job and very concern.
Highly recommend the adjustments with Dr.Shane even throughout my pregnancy. He was able to provide relief to my aching lower back through adjustments.
Great adjustments by Dr Shane at West Mall branch!! I dont feel so much back pain now when I work for long hours standing and walking. My headaches always gets better after adjustments. My son enjoys jumping... on the trampoline for hours. He used to get back pains after a few minutes of jumping. I will definately recommend for those having neck and back problems to visit the clinic.read more
helps on my long term pain relieve which I can sleep better now
I was having neck pains for close to 8 years and upon doing x-ray, there’s some degeneration on my cervical spine.
Did my 1st adjustment at Raffles Place by Dr Kerry who spend close to an hour discussing... the treatment plan with me.

Nevertheless would routinely follow up with the treatment plan.
read more
Thanks Dr William for helping me for the past few months. My neck and lower back are so so much better now. was suffering from neck and lower back pain after my baby. highly recomended.
Always a 5 star review from me 🙂 I have been feeling better after my adjustments and I have grown taller as well! Thanks Dr. Shane from Westmall 🙂
Really good service, Dr Shane has been a dedicated chiropractor 👍🏻
Chiropractic has help me to reduce back pain that has been for years . After treatment for few section my back pain has gone. If you've spine problem, Chiropractic is your best choice...
Do get your spine checked and thoroughly scrutinised. CFG provides detailed explanation on the problems you may have not noticed before.
Dr Shane from Westmall is Super nice person and I liked his service.
It has helped me to wake up better without any back aches. Highly recommended.
Thank you Dr. Jill for helping me to recover. Some of the patients might have gotten poor service & encounter bad experience with other branches but don't give up on adjustments. The benefits will come as one... recovers.read more
Just Love Dr Jill from Raffles Place as she did wonder to my back!

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