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Dr Adam is a very proficient chiropractor and knowledgeable, highly recommended.My left shoulder blade and numb fingers have great improvement after a few sessions. He also taught me some movement stretching to release tension and relaxation for my shoulder blade and numb fingers too. His tips is very useful and I'm looking forward to improve my condition further.. Thanks a lot! 🙂
Couldn't live happily without the service provided by Chiropractic First. They have opened my mind up to a life free of medication. Love coming here every fortnight for my tune up! The doctors and staff are all wonderful and genuine people 😀
Couldn't live happily without the service provided by Chiropractic First. They have opened my mind up to a life free of medication. Love coming here every fortnight for my tune up! The doctors and staff are all wonderful and genuine people 😀
Started out in 2000, Chiropractic First is the largest and most trusted chiropractic group in Asia with more than 30 clinics across Singapore, China, Malaysia, Indonesia and United Kingdom. Our committed team of doctors and patient care ambassadors are dedicated in educating, inspiring, and transforming patients’ lives, helping them to achieve optimal health through chiropractic care. Let your body awaken, transform and excel with Chiropractic First. Through attentive and personal customer care, we hope to inspire you to a better and healthier way of living.
I was diagnosed with spondylitis many years back and shortly after that suffered a prolapse disc. Since then I have been struggling with my day to day activities. As a free lance tutor it was very challenging sitting down and coaching students for long hours. I experienced frequent bouts of pain at my neck area and lower spine. I went for a number of physiotherapy sessions only to find temporary relief. So I decided to try Chiropractic First at Hougang Mall after careful consideration. After an initial comprehensive consultation by Dr Bill, followed by an X-ray, I had a clear understanding of my problem. Dr Bill worked out an adjustment routine and after just 5 sessions I could see some noticeable improvement. Dr Bill is very caring and makes sure I am very comfortable during and after the adjustment. As such my fears of the adjustments being painful were completely alleviated. Dr Bill is very knowledgeable and shares useful information on how to manage pain and discomfort which I would experience after a tough day. Now after regular adjustments I have seen at least a 40% improvement in my condition. I am now able to go through my daily routine with more ease. I have no problem teaching 5 to 6 hours a day in a stretch. All thanks to Dr Bill for his encouragement and for instilling the positivity and confidence in me. Dr Bill's care and concern has left me feeling great and function well in life. Without a doubt, I would definitely recommend Dr Bill to anyone who needs Chiropractic care. Please take that important step to help yourself.
Dr Adam is a very experienced chiropractor who really cares for his patients. He is also very friendly and shares his knowledge. He gives practical and sound advice that is easy to follow. I have learnt much from him and also felt a lot better only after 2 weeks of adjustment. I would recommend Dr Adam anytime. Thumbs up!
I have been going to this clinic for quite some time and I find Dr. Adam is a very skillfull chiropractor, he has various ways of adjusting a same spot on your spine inorder not to cause pain while trying to get the best results for you! Then, coming to his social skills, you will find him very friendly and approachable. My daughter is a chiropractic student studying overseas now and these will be the standards by which I m going to rate her when she come back to Singapore 🤣
Dr Adam, an experienced Chiropractor from Chiropractic First Hougang Mall is very approachable and practical towards his adjustment.This is my 15th session in Chiropractic First Hougang Mall and with Dr Adam, especially to resume my badminton.I must say there is an improvement in my health condition and the way Dr.Adam's approach towards my treatment. And I hope I will be able to fully recover with Dr Adam's guidance and expertise. I recommend Dr.Adam for your Chiropractic consultations.
Dr Adam is an experienced chiropractor with decades of experience. He is wonderful, knowledgeable and has helped me with my sports injuries, muscle condition and spine a lot. He goes the extra mile to ensure that I am well adjusted and that all my concerns are addressed.I highly recommend approaching him for a thorough consultation.
We have been Chiropractic First @Hougang Mall patients for more than 3 years. Our former Doctor had left recently and Dr Adam Awari just came onboard to take over last month. Dr Adam had been treating us (around 6 of us) and we have the thumbs up on him. Very patient and attentive to our needs, he is always trying new methods from his 26 years of experience to treat our problems. Kudos to Dr Adam professionalism and commitment!
I recently started getting treatment at the center. My therapist Dr Adam has been excellent- very experienced, effective in improving my condition, knowledgable and full of practical tips and advice.The staff at the center are also friendly, helpful and cheerful.
I have been here since 2017 for my back. My back is not straight as I am a old lady in my 70s and medical doctor wanted to send me for surgery to straighten it. My son, also a patient recommended me to come for treatments to stabilize and prevent my spine from getting worst. It has help to walk easier and it gives me relief. Dr Adam has been advising me and taking attentive care of my condition. Thank you Dr Adam.
I had neck and back issues for awhile and only after visiting chiropractic first under Dr Adam.I discover that i had scoliosis and some parts of my Spine had subluxations. Through Dr Adam's adjustment and the home stretches he has taught. My pain has improved tremendously and the results are there. My spine now allows my body to function better and therefore live life to it's highest version. Thank you Dr Adam Awari!
I have pain on my back and neck for a long period. It was luck to meet Dr. Adam. He has very good experience and patience to understand your problem well. Under his treatment, my pain has gone. In addition, he taught several movements to help me improve my condition further. Thanks, Dr. Adam!
I having issue on right hand shoulder could t raise up to 60 degrees angle for 2 month in pain. After went to chiropractic first to meet Dr.Adam Awari for consultation he has very detailed in educating me about chiropractic care and benefits. After went for few session Dr Adam providing treatment and adjustment on shoulder effectively for me. I can raise up right hand shoulder up 75 degrees angle. It show there is improvement Dr Adam treatment. I would like to thanks Dr.Adam for his excellent treatment and adjustment for past 6 weeks.He is caring and friendly too. Keep up the good work Dr.Adam .
I had been experiencing severe frequent headaches (at least once a week) in the past few years. They were so bad and disruptive to my life. My hubby recommended checking out a chiropractor and I started going for sessions with Dr Bill in Jan 2019. I was sceptical at first, but since then, my headaches have miraculously stopped! When I do get the occasional headache, I know it's because of external factors like being in the scorching heat all day or lack of sleep. I would strongly recommend anyone with headache / migraine issues to check out Chiropractic First - give it a try, you'll never know unless you try. 🙂
I would like to thank Dr. Bill for his excellent adjustment for the past 8 months. I am now able to walk and exercise again. Keep up the good work Dr. Bill.
I started visiting the chiropractor because I feel like there is something out of sort going on in my body. After an X-ray and diagnosis by Dr.Bill, it was confirmed that my spine has already shifted to the left of my body and causing additional stress on my right body. After this, I decided to take on a care package in order to steer my body towards being 100% healthy again. The staff at the clinic and Dr. Bill are very friendly, so is Dr. Evan!! Dr. Bill is very encouraging each time I receive treatment and cares a lot on his patient's well-being. I still don't know how chiropractic care is going to affect me in the long run but I anticipate nothing but positive changes.
Dr Bill is very informative and friendly. Daily routine and mobility has improved since 3rd week of adjustments. Thank you!
Have been having issues like stiff neck, headache and backache more frequently lately so decided to drop by Hougang Mall to seek for answers. Dr Bill clearly explained what causes the problems. After 2 months plus of adjustment I am sleeping better with the above problems greatly improved. Looking forward to more improvement. Thanks Dr Bill and the friendly team.
Been going to Chiropractic First for 5 years, and it really helps me to feel good. It's good maintenance for your body especially if you do a lot of exercise/ sports. I leave the clinic feeling better every time! Dr Bill is caring, strong and friendly too!
I have been going to Chiropractic First for almost 3 months now. I've had chronic shoulder and neck ache for a long time and have learned to lived with it. Often due to being at a desk bound job, the situation can get worse especially on my shoulder and the pain travels to my arm. Many times, resorting to painkillers and almost every month I would have to visit the doctor to get stronger pain killer and muscle relaxant to find relief. But ever since a month ago, I've stopped having to take medication and I've not been to the doctor since. Dr Bill has been very detailed in educating me about chiropractic care and the benefits. He has also been providing treatment that is effective for me. Initially after each treatment, I would get a short relief from the pain which was what I was hoping for. But after 3 months I find that it's not just about the short term relief but that not only am I experiencing less pain and aches, but I am also getting more flexibility and more energy back. I really feel that the treatments have been helping my body to begin to heal itself, all without medication!
I have been getting treated for 3 years. My sinus, frequent migraines and frequent fevers have lessened drastically. My upper back have always been tight and achy even after massages. Now i am more aware that it was because of my poor structure that caused all the constant aches and pains. My posture is getting better and i can see i am hunching lesser. Thank you for the care.Currently i am with Dr Bill in Hougang Mall. Thank you for maintaining my spine health
In 2015, when I went to walk, I felt giddy and imbalanced. I went to HGH for a check up and MRI. And they said nothing wrong. And a taxi driver asked me to come to chiropractic. After 2 and a half months of treatment and then my imbalance and giddy is off, finished! Now I stay on for my maintenance. I want to thank chiropractic from restoring my health. This is very important, money cannot buy! Thank you!
I’ve been suffering an intense sharp pain at my upper back & lower neck at least 8 years time, seek for so many clinics & took so many medicine and there is no way out, thanks god met their road show & I met Dr Bill his professional skill really impressed me, now I visiting him twice a week, my condition has improved a lot.Last time my condition was so badly affected my work performance and I was so sadly thinking have to quit my job already..
I have lower back soreness for a long time due to slipped disc injury. Visited Dr. Evan Crowley and he patiently explained how chiropractic can help treat my problem. This "full of life" and jovial doctor have been treating my back for almost a month. I am now more energetic and don't feel easily tired/frustrated, even when faced with more work or stress. Will be going for more sessions in the coming months.
Dr Bill has been adjusting my grandmother and there has been a significant difference in her well-being within the first month. Everyone is friendly and helpful. Great service!
First time there and was greeted warmly by two lovely front desk. They were quite helpful as I was oblivious about chiropractic. Dr Evan explained with patience about my pain and what I can benefit with the treatment and why the duration of the treatment is long. Left with a smile and more knowledge. Awesome service from the first step till the last. 5 stars!
Always feel terrible soreness at lower back when standing in mrt for more than 20min. Really glad to have Dr. Bill to deal with my mid and lower back pain. Now feel much better. I got to know more during the first free trial that the adjustment helps to improve my spinal posture and nervous system which will lead to good well being. Location accessible. Friendly staff. Thumbs up!
My mum used to walk with a quad stick to assist her. She requires a lot of help to walk a few steps. My colleague recommended me to Dr Evan in Hougang Mall. Within the 1st month, i can see my mum's steps gets lighter. She then "upgraded" to a normal walking cane, then an umbrella and eventually without any assistance from any walking aids. She is extremely grateful for the "upgrades". She did rely on an umbrella sometimes if she walk further distances alone. Not because she needs it, she still have that habit. After encouraging her that she is now getting better with frequent follow ups, she is now more confident to walk about the neighbourhood without any aids. Thank You Dr Evan. it doesn't only help with my mum physically but it regained her confidence. The staff are always helpful and nice to us. My mum really enjoys going over. it is not a dreadful visit to a clinic but more to her visiting her cheerful "foster" family
Thumbs up and kudos to Dr. Crowley and the staff of Chiropractic First. They are awesome and really helped me with my condition. From a person who is always taking painkillers everyday to a person who is now taking painkillers if only needed which is almost like once or twice a week. I highly recommend them

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