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I'm in chiropractic under Dr. Zachary. He's great, friendly and gave me a lot of advice and tips on keeping my postures and health. It's been 6 month since my initial adjustment and I'm feeling better with visible result on my posture too! Definitely worth checking out be it you have bad posture or not. The staff are super friendly and helpful too! Thanks for taking care of my appointment schedule Alyssa!!
Got to know the Chiropractic First via roadshow in Northpoint and was assigned to Dr Julia Guo. Was having shoulder blade joint pain and discomfort for almost 7 years. After the first session with Dr Julia, I found some relief right away and the frequency to self "adjust" my shoulder has reduced tremendously after few more sessions. Dr Julia and her team were also friendly and helpful too!
Excellent care provided by Dr Julia Guo and team! My chronic lower back pains, neck and shoulder stiffness have improved greatly under the dedicated care of Dr Julia. She may look young, but is very competent, professional and knowledgeable. Her bubbly personality brings great joy to each visit!
I was having frequent headaches and lower backaches. After a few sessions with Dr Julia, my headache occurrences reduced drastically, my backache is almost gone, and I experienced a tremendous improvement in my overall well being. I'm now a believer of chiropractic and thankful to Dr Julia for her care.
I having a back neck pain for the past few year. Dr Zach did an physical examination & adjustments for me. It’s really awesome after doing the adjustment. Will look forward in future. And lastly, the teams also Super nice & also caring. πŸ‘πŸ»
Brought my granny whom has scoliosis and severe degeneration to consult Dr Zachary. His team was very professional and helpful in translating the terms to Chinese for my granny to understand how and what her condition is. We are 2 months into treatment, and it’s getting better.
Dr Zach take cares of me and my son. We are both diagnosed with scoliosis. Regular adjustments makes our everyday life better. My son feels less sores/aches after his exercises since starting of the treatments! Thank you team at Northpoint! πŸ™‚
The staffs here are friendly, knowledgeable and empathetic. They host a workshop once every few weeks about our health, proper posture and nutrition/diet.
Dr Zachary and his staffs are very professional. He had help me with my lower back issues. I followed his recommended adjustment frequency and it really helped to ease my pains and aches. He also conducts regular workshops for the insights of chiro care, nutrition talk and exercise tips to build up the core muscles. Thumb up to the chiropractic first northpoint clinic. Excellent services.
Came in for a consultation after a hard hit car accident. Neck just super uncomfortable. Dr Zach sent me for an initial full spinal x-tray. Follow up sessions helped my whole body system holistically! Sleep better eat better poop better. Staff are gentle people and always there to crack you up.. all pun intended!!

This Clinic’s Doctors

Dr. Julia Guo

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

Dr. Zachary Wickert

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

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