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I’ve been going for chiro many years and I still continue for regular adjustment although the back pain I had earlier on were gone. Dr Bryan is very professional and always spots on! The clinic staff are very attentive and cheerful, they always make my visit so AWESOME!
I use to suffer from pain in my back and neck. My friend suggested to go for chiropractic treatment, and suggested to take treatment from Chiropractic First. I was been treated under Dr.Lee. at Parkway parade and suggested to go for 40 session (adjustment).I got relief from pain after taking 10 session. As Dr Lee was transferred to One Raffles Place I got disappointed as I was very comfortable with his treatment. As Parkway parade is near to my house. Dr Bryan Hymas was in his place, I decided to take few treatment from him before going to 1 Raffle place. But to my surprise he was equally good and talented. Presently I am taking treatment from him and very much satisfied, even my son is taking treatment from him. Dr Bryan and the staff are very friendly, helpful and Professional. I highly recommend this place for chiropractic treatments.
I had pain for many years in my spine and lower back. After being treated by Dr Brian, there is a significant improvement; spine condition is better and I have lesser body aches. Thank you for the friendly service and a doctor that really listens to you and immediately does chiro to fix it.
I have been coming to this place for a few months as part of my regular adjustment/maintenance regime and will continue to do so. Doctor Bryan and the staff are very friendly, helpful and professional. Highly recommended.
Been getting my adjustment here for more than a year so far. The doctors are very skilled and very friendly. I feel good and "refreshed" everytime I walk out. Fully recommend!
Really wonderful experience overall! Friendly staff, great service and in the good hands of Dr Bryan!
Excellent service from the staffs. Very friendly and courteous.My back and neck is adjusted by Dr Bryan who is very approachable and assuring. My body always felt “brand new” and loosen after every adjustment. Looking forward to the next session.
Friendly staff and fantastic Dr Bryan has been fantastic. Explain what was wrong with my spine and after just a couple of sessions, I could feel the difference! I do 3 sessions a week and I look forward to it every time!
A regular with Dr Bryan for the past 9 months, and enjoying the positive changes in my body and lifestyle! Highly recommended for the active and anyone else looking for some good quality adjustments!
Friendly and helpful staff!! Always a joy to get adjusted and feel much better after adjustments
I would like to thank Dr Bryan for helping me relieve back and neck pains, and also Ms Angeli for being so helpful when it comes to scheduling appointments
I have been to other chiropractic clinics before and I find that Dr. Bryan and the staff at the clinic to be very professional and friendly. The staff are very helpful in scheduling appointments and answering my questions. Dr. Bryan listens and his adjustments always seem to hit the spot. I'm very happy with my care at the clinic and have referred many friends and family to it.
Had my first adjustment done by Dr Bryan about 20yrs ago. Recently, signed up a package again because of shoulder n back problem.Dr Bryan was as good/skillful as before and had my problems resolved. He could always detect where the pain spots were without me having to tell/highlight them ... very happy with the treatment 👍👍👍
Highly recommend Dr Lee. Staff here are friendly & very helpful.
Wonderful experience and Dr Lee was able to help identify my pain area and fixing it .
Dr Bryan nurse my child birth wrecked body to health. He was always patient and jovial. Sometimes I had to come in with my kids, they will still help to watch the kids while Dr Bryan attend to me.My overall health greatly improved after visiting him. Plus point. They don't hard sell at all. The good things in life, there's no need to hard sell.
I have signed up 4 adjustment-package over several years under Dr Bryan. This clinic exceeds my expectation. The staff are very friendly, helpful and efficient. Waiting time is extremely short.Dr Bryan is caring and personable, he takes time to explain whenever I raised a question. Every time after my visit, I have a "feel good" factor.
Went there in a very bad back pain was so accute and was hindering my day to day after 6 months - no back pain or neck pain at all .thanks to dr lee who is not like other doctors who try to poach patients in their own organisation, did what was necessary.nothing more nothing less.he is so professional and has such a positive aura in him thats starts healing u first even before treatment starts😊😊😊.god bless .thanks to this place who chose such wonderful doctors.a word of causion -watch out for the other doctors who are not as good as before and after xray says a lotHe even treated my daughters pain which no doc could solve for 8 yrs.and my husband travels happily now instead of in pain because of him.
Dr Bryan Hymas has been our family's doctor for almost 10 years. Having suffered from nerve issues, Dr Bryan Hymas have tremendous helped relieved the pain alongside improvements in my posture. He's highly talentedt professional and extremely attentive to our needs.
I used to suffer from a very bad back with pain in my neck and back. Dr Bryan helped me with my problem. He is a very caring and attentive Dr who is all for fantastic patient care. He listens as well as explains anything that is asked of him regarding what he is doing as well as how it will help. I really recommend anyone having back or spine problems to schedule an appointment with Dr Bryan for help.
I used to suffer from a very bad back with pain in my neck and back. Dr Bryan helped me with my problem. He is a very caring and attentive Dr who is all for fantastic patient care. He listens as well as explains anything that is asked of him regarding what he is doing as well as how it will help. I really recommend anyone having back or spine problems to schedule an appointment with Dr Bryan for help.
한 달에 적어도 한두번은 두통으로 약을 항상 먹어야 했습니다. 가끔씩 원인을 알 수 없는 허리통증도 이유를 몰라서 가벼운 통증이겠지 하고 지나갔는데, (Dr.Lee)이황희선생님을 통해 원인이 목에 있다는 것을 처음으로 알게 되었습니다. 겉보기엔 바른자세로 서있었지만 사실은 목의 뼈가 틀어져 그 균형을 맞추기 위해 등 근육들과 허리에도 무리가 가고 있었습니다. Dr.Lee 주치의분을 통해 정기적인 치료를 받고 원인을 알 수 없었던 두통도, 한 번도 느껴본 적 없는 목의 가벼운 움직임을 알게 되었습니다.환자의 이야기에 늘 귀 기울여 세심하게 치료해주십니다. 🙂
I have been a regular patient at Chiropractic First - Parkway Parade under the guidance and treatment of Dr. Hwanghee Lee (he goes by Dr. Lee). I first came to the clinic due to a sprained back from playing basketball which eventually was a minor slipped disc. I was a bit fed up with the opinions of western doctors who essentially pushed me to get surgery without evaluating other natural options. That's when I sought the guidance of a chiropractor in Dr. Lee. Thanks to him, my back is in good shape now through natural means as opposed to invasive surgery!There are a few aspects of his style of care: 1) Careful and detailed explanation--he is very good at illustrating and explaining the cause-effect relationship with his diagnosis and why I had the back condition that I had. For the layman like myself, this is extremely valuable and I can trust his diagnosis based on logic. He is not authoritative in his approach, rather very engaging and open to discussion and question. 2) Patience--trust me, I ask a ton of questions (just how I am). Nonetheless, he speedily yet accurately gets the points across in terms of addressing my questions thoroughly. 3) Humor--he is a charming and funny person! He integrates a bit of humor very appropriately that keeps patients engaged. 4) Honesty-- you always get straight forward honest feedback from him in a manner that is personalized, not generic. Some of my previous experience with other doctors have been quite generic in their approach. This is precisely why I have recommended him to my friends! I would seek him out in the future and I have in fact signed up for a long-term package as well! Highly recommended!
10여년 넘게 뒷목과 어깨통증에 고통스러워하며 방학때 한국 들어가서 치료도 받고 주사도 맞아보았습니다. 싱가폴에서도 물론 카이로 프로틱(미국 의사샘),한의원, 일반 클리닉 등 누가 효과있어다고 하면 열심히 찾아다녀 봤지만 늘 금새 다시 찾아오는 통증에 괴로웠습니다. 그래서 2년전부터는 효과없는 병원 다니는걸 포기하고 주1~2회씩 맛사지를 다니고 있었는데, 그만 맛사지를 잘못받아 고관절까지 망가져 다리 통증까지 덮쳤지요. 다니던 맛사지도 포기하고 혼자 집에서 스트레칭하며 통증과 씨름하던 중에 이황희 선생님을 알게 되었습니다. 몇년전 카이로를 받아봤던 기억때문에 처음엔 반신반의하며 찾아가 진료를 받게 되었습니다. 그런데 이황희 선생님은 자세하고 이해하기 쉽게 몸의 구조 원리까지 설명을 곁들여 가며 친절하게 진료해 주셨고, 2~3회차 받으며 내 몸에 10년 넘게 고통을 안겨준 통증이 사라지기 시작했습니다. 늘 바윗덩이 같던 어깨와 머리가 마치 깃털처럼 가볍게 느껴졌고, 아침에 이렇게 가볍고 상쾌한 느낌을 느끼며 일어난다는 것이 신기할 정도였어요. 삶의 질이 달라졌다고 할까요...늘 제 곁에서 아파하던 모습을 보아왔던 저의 가족들도 신기해하며 기뻐했습니다. 지금 저희 가족 4명 모두 이황희 선생님께 치료받으며 하루하루가 편안하고 행복해 졌답니다. 선생님 감사합니다~~♡♡목, 어깨, 허리의 만성 통증에 시달리며 고통속에 사시는 분들께 꼭 이황희 선생님을 추천해 드리고 싶습니다.
다른 카이로플래틱분들 다 받아봤지만 여기 이황희 의사님이 제일 잘해요 차근차근 상세하게 다 설명해줘서 너무 좋고 치료 정말 잘해요
Dr Lee is very attentive, participates you in the treatment, and answers all queries patiently.

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Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

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