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I have been working with Dr Ng (Setia City Mall branch) for the last few months. His professionalism, attentiveness to his clients, and experience have all added up to significant improvements in my back pain. The whole team at SCM is very friendly and helpful. Highly recommended!
Dr Chris and the staff at Setia City Mall’s branch are just great! Helpful and friendly. Dr Chris has helped reduce the numbness on my arm and leg and my sleep is much much better...all in just a few months. Vast difference from where I was.
I have been with Chiropractic First since year 2017 with under the care of Dr Chris. I have the scoliosis when I was born, I do understand that it may not 100% straight spine like normal human being. But throughout the treatment and adjustment, it does help me in my daily life.After few treatment, I can feel my spine. I can sleep well most of the nights, migraine reduced, improved my relationship activities with my spouse.Recommended Chiropractic adjustment service to most of the people. Spine is just like car-tyre, need to maintenance. Imagine the spine need to support in our daily activities for so many years, sometimes indirectly go side way yet we never notice. Chiropractic will be helping to enhance based on personal situation. It does help!
I have experienced neck and shoulder pain for quite sometimes . All this time, the doctor advise for surgery or physio therapy but it’s not really help much with my neck and shoulder until i discovered chiro therapy. I can feel the difference. It is early to tell the result but it is help for certain.
I came here for a shoulder injury from rock climbing. Before I opt for chiropractic treatment, I actually went to see a few different doctors but i don’t see any improvement on my injury. I was a little afraid of chiropractic because I’ve never receive any similar treatments before this. But Dr Chris was very patience, he explained to me in detail about my injury and also the treatment plan. I begin to see improvement in just a month of adjustment, I was able to resume climbing in just 2 months time. Once my shoulder injury is healed completely, I continued to receive treatment here for subluxation and occasionally neck pain due to bad posture and sleeping habits. All the staff here are very friendly and attentive, I would definitely recommend this clinic to my friends and family.
My daughter Kathleen is getting her treatment at Setia City mall center. Dr. Christopher is very professional and very helpful! The staffs there are Super friendly and efficient. Always a pleasure walking into the centre.
The pain at my neck and shoulder area reduced after getting treatment here. I feel more energetic and able to sleep better. The staffs are friendly too. Really recommend this place to everyone!
The pain at my neck and shoulder area reduced after getting treatment here. I feel more energetic and able to sleep better. The staffs are friendly too. Really recommend this place to everyone!
Treatment still in progress but I noticed improvement to my leg pain. I can now carry out daily activities with minimal pain. Hopefully with continuous treatment, I will live pain free. Highly recommend for a drug free treatment.
I'm having treatment at Setia City Mall branch. Previously i have regular pain on my left side of the body due to a strain on nerve long time ago. Dr Chris explained well on my situation and what causes the pain. I am now on my 4th month of visits, and the sessions have generally help reduce the pain management in terms of frequency and intense level. Generally, my muscles are much relax now too.
My neck conditions improved a lot with minimum level of pain after attending to this chiropractic service. Professional service. The staff is extremely helpful and friendly.
after 3 times treatments, my neck and shoulder feel better, will continue the treatment schedule. thanks
Dr. Ng is a life saver..great staff ..great service
i don't need any pain killer since doing chiropractic because i don't have any backpain and migraine anymore. the dr and the staff really good and friendly.
My condition improved... no more back pain when i'm doing yoga ..Doctor and staff friendly and caring .. The staff help me when i'm in pain and i can see their sincerity .. Keep it up ! Hopefully company can give reward to them ...
Excellent Service from Chiropractic First Setia City Mall . They are very friendly and have a good knowledge.... They always give advice to me when i come for my adjustment... Good job and keep it up !!
Staff and doctors very friendly and have a good knowledge !!
I started to visit Chiropractic First at Setia City Mall with my husband since 17 Oct 2018 due to my neck pain that had been troubling me for few years. After treatment for 3 months, my neck pain have improved a lot. Thank you Dr. Ng for the great professional treatments and all the warm and friendly staffs.
Chiropractic First at SCM are good. They really have a good doctors.. After the treatment I can get back with my daily chores. Dr.Chris is good, he willing to share knowledge n care for his patients.
I have been come for adjustment for more then 1 year and found very much different and feel better now. Hope this is my rite place the adjustment for bones. Hppe this is rite place and will recommend other. Thank you.
Dr Ng is a very nice and friendly Dr.. He has a very good and professional skills in chiropractic. Every adjustment make me feel better. Highly recommended to have a services here.
Dr Chris is very nice. i feel a lot of changes after done a few Sessions adjustment. the staff is very nice and friendly. VERY RECOMMENDED!!

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Dr. Ng Tang Yang

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Christopher Lim

Doctor of Chiropractic

Dr. Anndriana Kelety

Doctor of Chiropractic

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