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My family has been attending chiropractic treatment with Dr Steve for a number of years now. He is thorough and friendly.
Dr Steve has continuously assisted in my problems under his care. And i have less worries and can carry out my daily activities such as exercises, travelling and etc at ease. Thank you!!
I started with Chiropractic First many years ago due to lower back pain. It has been great and my lower back pain went away. The most recent incident, I injured my back (sprained/back muscle pulled), I can't bend down, can't turn my body, can't squat down, and getting in/out of bed was a big task. I went to Dr. Steve the next morning. He realigned my back and I could feel the immediate relief. While it is still pain but it is no longer a sharp pain. I could squat down and getting in/out of bed with ease. Rested for a day and went back to Dr. Steve the following day and this time, after alignment, I could bend down. 4 days and 2 adjustments, my injury is gone. It is wonderful to be care by Dr Steve and team.
I have been coming to Chiropractic First, Upper Thomson Clinic for my neck, back & hip adjustments since June 2012. I understands it will take quite sometime for my stiff neck & back to recover. I have feel improvements on my neck & back problems over these years. But ever since last year Dr Steve came here to adjust my body, I can feel even more improvement. I can sense he is experience & understand my neck & back problems. His adjustments technique are amazing & really targeted at my problem areas. This is why I continue to sign on their adjustments package & come for my adjustments till now. I highly recommend Chiropractic First, Upper Thomson Clinic to those who wants to relieve & cure their neck & back problems.
I started visiting the Thomson branch since last September and have felt nothing but better since. Higher quality sleep and more aware of my day to day sitting posture makes me more aware of my own body. Thank you Dr Steve!
My friend recommended me to Dr Steve and even though I am staying in the east, i don't mind travelling all the way here. As my session goes along, my condition improves and definitely impressed. Good things must share so I've referred his clinic to my friends and relatives. Dr Steve is serious yet humorous in his sessions and workshops. His team are also friendly and customer service oriented. Thumbs up!!
I always feel much better after adjustment by Dr Steve. Will continue with chiropractic sessions to maintain healthy body.
Im very happy that I met Dr Steve as he help me to able to travel and go for holiday. Able to walk further. Thanks a lot Dr Steve. I also able to sleep better at night and I will definitely continue my care with Dr SteveFrom Tan Hiok Ming
I have been under the care of Dr Steve and his team for the last 18 months. I have noticed considerable improvement in my condition. Dr Steve is very knowledgeable, a good family man and is someone that "walks the talk" . He exercises regularly and looks good for someone in his 50s. Highly recommended!

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Dr. Steve Lewis

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

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