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I’ve had back pain for many years from sports injuries that medical doctors can’t fix, and chronic neck pain/aches which caused headaches from office work and looking down at the phone too much. But that all changed after seeing Dr Annemarie, After a few months of intensive adjustments, I no longer have pains in the aforementioned areas. As an added bonus, I am physically stronger and faster and mentally happier. I’m extremely pleased with Dr Annemarie’s skills and professionalism, so much so that both my parents are currently seeing her as well. I highly recommend Dr Annemarie at Chiropractic First United Square!
Tried out the Chiropractic assessment at one of their road shows a few years back. Did not think much about it but since they had a branch relatively near me I decided to sign up and give it a try. Dr Annemarie took my case and she has been with me all these years. Absolutely fabulous person and she has help me understand my spine, bone structure and all the little connecting bits a little better (got to take care of it you know 🙂 ) It has help me with my running and I have less pain now. much much much less. Staff there especially Rosie is very professional. Truly something I would recommend to anyone to give it a try and see what a world of difference it would make !
Dr. Annemarie is the best! She always knows what needs to be done to get me fixed. The team at United Square is also wonderful and will always accommodate even when it's a last-minute appointment. I'm so glad to know Dr. Annemarie and her team's got my back!!!
Have been adjusted by Dr Anne for the past few years and am still so amaze at how she always manages to fix my aches and pains every single time! The team at the clinic is also always very helpful in helping me arrange for any last min appointments due to my unpredictable work schedule. You can be sure I’ll be stuck to you guys for a long long time!!
Started my chiropractic treatment with Dr AnneMarie after my major car accident a year ago. She assessed my condition and was extremely professional and competent in getting my conditions treated. The staff in chiropractor first are always helpful with your requests and reminding me for my appointments. Kudos to Dr Anne and the United Square team!
Dr Annemarie is an approachable doctor who is also very knowledgeable in her field. She did a comprehensive review on my case and recommended treatment plans that included adjustments and counseling sessions. She also offered workshops and useful ergonomic tips in managing my condition. She is genuine with her advice and is always ready to answer all questions raised. Although I’ve only been under her care for the past 1 month, I hope to see improvements in my condition under her long term care.
I had the associated pains and strains from frequently working out, which i tried to counter with massages and stretches. With this not feeling to do the trick, I decided to see Annemarie at Chiropractor First to address the root problem.Since seeing her and from the first session itself, my body has simply felt balanced! The correct alignment has helped with the recurring workout issues that have started disappearing.AnneMarie completely understand her clients, can connect well and provides me a lot of trust in her abilities.
Started my chiropractic treatment here with Dr AnneMarie, and she was very patient to assess my condition and extremely sincere with getting me treated. Also the staff in chiropractor first are very friendly and helpful with your requests/admin. Definitely recommended for anyone who is looking for posture correction and looking forward to improving your health. 👍

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Dr. Annemarie Stupi

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

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