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Monday3:00pm – 8:15pm
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After seeing Dr. Micheal for a few weeks for my lower back pains, my pains are starting to go away slowly. I can sleep better and work better, concentration during work is better as well. Really thankful that I went to Chiropractic First as I discovered problems I didn't even knew I had. Now that I'm getting my back corrected and my neck coming along slowly, I can tell that my daily life has improved as well.Overall, my visits are just great experiences every time and Dr. Micheal and staff are just the friendliest people! 10/10 would recommend!
Decided to give it a go for my lower back pain. Pain is 80% gone after a month (3x sessions/week). Mobility has increased. Now I'm not scared of getting injured because I trust Dr Michael👌Awesome staff too (woop woop) Ok bye ❤️
After frequent adjustments and reassurance by Dr Shane my blood pressure are more stable and has stopped taking medications for my neck and shoulder pain. Now i realized that with compliance , regular exercise and good nutrition as recommended by Dr Shane my health has improved..I do not need to see physiotherapist as Dr Shane able to do that for me too. Thank you Dr Shane and team.
A great team of staff running the operations. Very friendly. I have been visiting Dr Michael for lower back pain for 5 months or so. Felt much better after 1 month (3 sessions per week).
I am so glad and thankful I came to CFG West Mall for adjustments! Chiropractic was the right help for my chronic back aches and finger pain that troubled me for years. I have scoliosis and Dr Shane's adjustments greatly relieved my aches and pains. I will never forget how I could immediately take deep breaths after the first adjustment! It was just amazing. In fact, my scoliosis has shown good improvement. Dr Shane was also always very patient to answer my questions. He is now my family Chiropractor 🙂 Thank you so much, Dr Shane.
Thanks chiropractic first for making my lower back painless! I am able to me more active now 🙂
Great adjustment here by Dr Shane. I don't feel so much back pain when I work for long hours standing or walking. My headaches always gets better after adjustments. My son is now enjoying playing on the trampoline for hours. He used to get back pains after jumping for a few minutes. I will definately reconmed for those who have neck and back problems.

This Clinic’s Doctors

Dr. Michael Smirnis

M.Clin.Chiro (AUS)

Dr. Shane Kang

Doctor of Chiropractic (USA)

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